Consumers are so saturated with corporate messaging that less than two percent of messages are actually remembered. If you want your message to be one of the few that stand out, you’ve got your work cut out for you! The days of outspending your competition have become increasingly expensive and decreasingly effective in its ability to promote your company. That being said, there are a few principals that guide our creative process; here is what we believe:
  • We believe that you shouldn’t have to repeat yourself ten times in order to be heard once.
  • We believe that creativity is a business strategy that provides the greatest avenue for gaining unfair advantages over the competition.
  • We believe that experience in marketing/advertising is similar to having wealth—everybody wants it, experience levels vary but most have a little—everyone has opinions, ideas, and input but few seem to be able to produce it. We are among those few.
  • We believe the ability to produce truly exciting, original, and compelling advertising is a finely-tuned gift—not a job that you can assign internally—great failure or success can be derived from both the planning and the creative.
  • We believe that doing creative for creative’s sake is not doing our clients or their budgets justice. Sometimes, less glam is more applicable and more efficient at accomplishing the job at hand.
  • We believe the days of companies playing “Battle of the Ad Budget” are things of the past; shotgun advertising is less applicable now with the plethora of options readily available to today’s consumers. We believe in out-thinking the competition, not out-spending them; our goal is to increase interest and response level to advertising, not dollars for the sake of spending.

Finally, we believe the way a business may think or react is often restricted to knowledge within their own industry; success is enabled by a collaboration of strategic partnerships, as well as a commitment of both trust and financing in order to see the creative prove successful. Find an agency that can grow with you, who is hungry for your partnership and success. If you have found yourself asking the question: “Is anyone out there hearing what we have to say?” Call us—we have a lot of awesome ideas, a lot of powerful energy, tons of momentum, and a lot to prove.

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